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NO.1 When configuring Security rules based on FQDN objects, which of the following statements are
A. The firewall resolves the FQDN first when the policy is committed, and is refreshed each time
Security rules are evaluated.
B. The firewall resolves the FQDN first when the policy is committed, and is refreshed at TTL
expiration. There is no limit on the number of IP addresses stored for each resolved FQDN.
C. In order to create FQDN-based objects, you need to manually define a list of associated IP. Up to

NO.2 Which link is used by an Active-Passive cluster to synchronize session information?
A. The Control Link
B. The Management Link
C. The Data Link
D. The Uplink
Answer: C

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NO.3 Which fields can be altered in the default Vulnerability Protection Profile?
A. None
B. Severity
C. Category
Answer: A

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NO.4 Which of the following are accurate statements describing the HA3 link in an Active-Active
HA deployment?
A. HA3 is the control link
B. HA3 is used to handle asymmetric routing
C. HA3 is used for session synchronization
D. The HA3 link is used to transfer Layer 7 information
Answer: C




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